All About Dental Implants

Dr Bigg News: All About Dental Implants

What Happens If I Lose A Tooth?

Obviously, if the gap is in the front of the mouth one’s appearance is very much affected, but sometimes even at the back of the mouth people find chewing difficult or the neighbouring teeth starting to drift, leading to food packing and gum problems. 

How Can Dentists Fill These Gaps?

The choices for the patient are:
  • Do nothing
  • Place a denture
  • Provide a bridge
  • Place an implant 

Doing nothing is often not an option and many people don’t like the idea of a denture, which should be removed at night, even though modern dentures with metal bases are much more comfortable and easier to wear than plastic designs. A bridge is a common choice, but these can be destructive, as during the preparation of the bridge so much of the tooth is removed it can die later.

What Are Dental Implants? 

A dental implant is a titanium ‘root’ that is inserted into the jawbone to support an individual crown, or a bridge consisting of many teeth, or even a denture replacing all the teeth in that jaw. 
Because titanium is a ‘noble’ metal, like gold, it is so pure that the body does not recognise that it is a foreign object, allowing the bone to grow around the implant, which anchors it securely within the jaw. 

How Is The Implant Placed In My Mouth?

The dentist starts by making a temporary restoration, perhaps a denture, which will restore the appearance and function while the implant treatment is carried out. Using this, the dentist can assess the ideal position for the implant to suit the individual patient. 

Under a local anaesthetic, sometimes with a sedative, a small incision is made in the gum and the implants inserted in the bone. 

After a period of healing when the implant is integrated within the bone, the superstructure, a crown, a bridge or a denture, is made to fit over the implant. 

Implants are a highly successful form of dental treatment and to be able to restore a gap in the front of the mouth without damaging the surrounding teeth, or to see a patient who has been plagued by loose dentures, able to eat and speak normally is one of the most satisfying aspects of modern dentistry. 

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Posted: 29 October 2019